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Patient invents DIY pill reminder

GuilhermeM 于 2014-04-04 14:28 分享

About the solution

He designed an Arduino controlled device to help him perform this task and the project combines basic electronics hacking and programming with a good looking cover.

"This small project holds two bottles in a fairly nice looking box and flashes red until you take the pill. The act of picking up the bottle (the pill ingestion is assumed) is the entire interface. (...) Notice the entire thing was built without turning on a soldering iron…”, he says on his website. The innovation also senses when a bottle is removed and the timer is reset.

The solution is simple to replicate and the information, code and build instructions are available on Ryan’s website.

Ryan is also thinking about making future improvements on the solution.

Adapted from: http://ibuildthings.ryanblace.com/2011/07/pill-reminder.html



Ryan Blace, from ibuildthings, created, in 2011, a solution that would remind him to take his pills or vitamins with no effort.

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