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Cancer survivor creates mastectomy-friendly bra

Shared by JoanaSaraiva on 2019-10-14 08:56

About the solution

Due to breast cancer, Fran went through a double mastectomy. She decided not to have breast reconstruction surgery, which left her struggling to find an appropriate bra to wear.

That is when she decided to invent special bras for women who undergo a mastectomy.

The fact that Fran already owned a bra company, Tomboyx, made things easier, but building a bra that would perfectly fit and empower women in these circumstances was still going to be a challenge.

‘Bras are one of the most complicated things to make, right up there with shoes, because of all the various components required to do it well and to do it comfortably,’ Fran said.

Fran started to design versatile, comfortable and functional bras for women who, post-mastectomy would like to use prosthetic inserts. The result was the ‘Ruched bralette with removable inserts bra’ and the ‘Soft sports bra with removable inserts’. They both have built-in pouches which allow the safe insertion of prosthetic breast forms.

‘It’s about wanting people to feel comfortable in their own skin,’ Fran said. ‘We’re not breast cancer survivors,' she says. 'We’re breast cancer warriors. Breast cancer is not a thing you passively survive. It’s brutal, it's uncomfortable, it's not pretty, and you have to be a warrior to get through it. There will be good days and bad. Pull the people you love close to you for support. Be patient with yourself, and most of all, never be ashamed to talk about everything you’re going through.’

The bras can be bought on the official Tomboyx website.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2Mcvh1T

More info: https://tomboyx.com

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About the author

Fran Dunaway, from Seattle, USA, created the ‘Ruched bralette with removable inserts bra’ and the ‘Soft sports bra with removable inserts’ to help women who, like her, underwent mastectomy. She is also the CEO and cofounder of bra company Tomboyx.

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