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Man creates playtime bedsheets to help entertain hospitalised kids

JoanaSaraiva 于 2019-08-22 01:45 分享

About the solution

After a visit to a friend’s sick son who had been hospitalised for a long period, Kevin Gatlin realized that there wasn’t much stimulation to keep the children occupied at the hospital.

That is when he decided to create bed sheets that would help kids be entertained and cope better with long hospitalisations.

Kevin’s mother, who is a retired teacher, suggested making the games on the bed sheets educational. He then joined three teachers, a child physiologist and a family doctor to create Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets, which "provide kids with a place where they could play, learn, sleep and heal."

According to Gatlin, it took more than two years to design the sheets, which have over 50 interactive games, activities and lessons printed on them.

Each part of the bedding focuses on different types of learning. The pillows have images and sentences that encourage kids to create stories. The fitted sheet has giant board games, mazes, word-finding puzzles, games like checkers and tic-tac-toe, four different languages, math, grammar and geography.

"I wanted the sheets to have so many things for kids to do that they would never get bored playing with them," Gatlin said. “For game pieces, kids can use ordinary objects like coins or paper, or printable cut-outs from the Playtime Edventures website.”

According to Kevin, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from both parents and hospital staff. "I'm truly happy my bedsheets have provided a valuable service to those who deserve it," he said.

And in the end his invention became popular also among kids who are not hospitalised.

It is possible to purchase it from Amazon or on the company’s website, "Playtime Adventures", and so far have received very positive reviews.

People also buy the solution to donate to children's hospitals and hospices, shelters, juvenile centers, orphanages, group homes and summer camps. Bed sheets can even be purchased at a reduced cost and directly donated to hospitals and shelters.

Kevin has more ideas on how to make the playtime bed sheets reach more people . "I would love the opportunity to speak with the Red Cross and Fema about providing our bedsheets during natural disasters. Seeing families confined to shelters with nothing to do — I believe our bedsheets could provide some distraction during those hard times."

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/30lYsVa

More info: http://playtimeedventures.com



Kevin Gatlin, from the USA, created playtime bed sheets to help entertain kids who have to go through long hospitalisations.

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