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Troll-E: Transformable E-Scooter into Shopping Trolley

Hilsann Yong 于 2019-07-25 09:44 分享

About the solution

Troll-E takes a contemporary silhouette to dispel the negative stigma of PMAs that elderly people commonly use. With the wheeled kickstand off the ground, sliding knob down at the end of the slide path, and foot pegs down with steering lock up, this is the Troll-E in Mobility Mode; Illustrated in Figure 8-1 (2nd Picture), with red circles depicting the 3 key components. Users are to load onto the vehicle and ride off to their destination in this mode.

As shown above in Figure 8-2 (3rd Picture); Within 3 simple steps of Lock, Slide and Kick:
1) Activate the Steering Lock (down) while closing the Foot Pegs (up)
2) Pulling the Sliding Knob out of the Stopper Hole while sliding up until springing into the Stopper Hole above and Latching on the Internal Locking Hook
3) Leaning Vehicle Frontwards with Left Foot stopping the front wheel and Kicking Down the Wheeled Kickstand with the Right Foot
Trolley Mode is now activated for use within Shopping Centres and Supermarkets.

In this mode, the foot pegs are folded up while steering lock is activated down, sliding knob is at the top of the slide path and the kickstand is on the floor, distributing the weight from the entire vehicle on to 4 wheels. The caster wheels on the kickstand allow the Troll-E to be manoeuvred 360 degrees, identical to a typical shopping trolley loaned out by Supermarkets for $1 dollar. This is illustrated in Figure 8-3 (4th Picture). The seat-cover is used to cover any groceries contained within the basket. This prevents any tall or light items from falling out.

The basket is a detachable component from the main chassis, with a 3-piece adapter (2 hooks on top, and 1 wide hook below as shown in Figure 8-4 (5th Picture)) to limit the degree of motion and prevent any undesirable shifting during usage. The volume of the basket is 44L, significantly more than an average personal shopping trolley of 37L. Made from Polypropylene, this basket is lightweight yet robust, and highly reliable against impact and abrasion. It is also weatherproof and waterproof, which allows for the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Troll-E achieved the Gold Award and Best Presentation Award in the Design Category of the 7th National Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology Student Innovation Challenge (ARTSIC 2019) held in Singapore. Troll-E has been featured on Yahoo News! (7th Picture), Singapore Institute of Technology's SiTizen Magazine Issue 23 and, garnered interest from the President of the Republic of Singapore during her visit to SIT@Dover on the 28th of June 2019 (6th Picture); Troll-E is set to represent Singapore and Singapore Institute of Technology in the Global Student Innovation Challenge (gSIC) held during the 13th international Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (i-CREATe 2019) Conference in Canberra, Australia on 26th-29th August 2019.

For further queries, please contact: hilsann.yong@gmail.com



I began devising a solution to aid elderly in their grocery shopping based on the experience of my 64-year-old mother, who often made multiple trips to the supermarket each week with a shortened shopping list as she had difficulty carrying the heavy groceries home herself. It took me eight months to complete the research, design and development of the mobility limitations of elderly in Singapore. Troll-E is a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) which converts into a trolley in three easy steps. It aims to change the negative stigma faced by the elderly when using a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA).

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