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Girl invents special clothes for her father

Shared by Shuyue Zhang on 2018-02-23 11:41

About the solution

Chongning Xu is a girl who loves inventing small things since childhood. Her father, Shengyun Xu, suffered from severe osteoarthritis and was facing great challenges on everyday activities. On August 2007, Yunsheng Xu’s condition was getting worse, and very often he would lay in bed and was unable to move. Even changing his clothes had become a big challenge for him.

In order to help his father, Chongning Xu had the idea of developing a set of clothes for his father. “I was thinking of creating clothes that are detachable and easy to put on or take off, so my father can stay away from the pain”, said Xu. Based on the conventional patient clothes, she changed the conventional ways of stitching to enable minimum body movement, experimented on her father and then improved further based on the practical performance and feedback. The prototype of the clothes was finally finished at the beginning of 2008.

This innovative set of clothing developed by Chongning Xu can be assembled in one minute. The clothes consist of several strips of fabric, plus 10 zippers and four snap fasteners. Caregivers or patients can easily stitch them into long sleeves, short sleeves, trousers, shorts or even bedsheets. Patients just need to turn to the side and then they can easily put on or take off the clothes with the help of caregivers.

Chongning Xu’s innovation was granted 2 patents and won several awards in innovations contests. This solution was produced in collaboration with a clothing company. Besides, the clothes also received wide appreciation from clothing companies, and in the middle of 2009, she signed a 10-year agreement with a local clothing company for producing this clothes.

“The most important thing is to apply my invention to help others, rather than making money out of it”, said Chongning Xu.

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About the author

Chongning Xu, born in 1995, in Chongqing, China, developed a set of patient clothes for her father, who suffers from severe osteoarthritis and faced a lot of challenges on his daily activities.

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