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Vocal Eyes Becker Communication System

Jason Becker 于 2017-05-21 21:43 分享

About the solution

This is a great and relatively easy and quick way to communicate for people who can't move their limbs, but their eyes can still move. It is very good if the power (electricity) goes out, or if the "patient" can't always have a computer right in front of them. For me, (Jason Becker) no computer system works close to as fast as this, especially once you and your caregiver memorize it. It is also better for me because staring at a computer zaps my energy and makes my eyes weak and tired. The human interaction is also very nice.

I continue to write and release new music, do interviews and articles, and say anything I want with this system.

Here is a link to the description of how to use it, a video of my dad and me explaining it, and a place to download the "board."




Vocal Eyes was invented by my father, Gary Becker, when my ALS started making my voice weak. He was worried that I would not be able to communicate my needs or feelings. I think my eyes are still strong because I have used this system since 1997. It is good eye exercise. By now, it is just second nature to all of us. Gary is an artist, poet, amazing father and my first guitar teacher.

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