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Amputee develops 3D printing prosthetics cover

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-04-03 11:46

About the solution

Manuel is the Chief Creative Officer of Unyq, a Spanish company that produces customized 3D printing solutions – cover prosthetics - for amputees and Scoliosis patients.

Manuel, an engineer and robotics expert, became an amputee when he was 16 years old. Because he also wanted people to stop feeling ashamed of wearing prosthetics, he co-founded Unyq, in 2014, in order to develop 3D printing covers.

The goal was also to move away from the concept that all prosthetic companies share, which is to imitate the skin using materials such as PVC, which offer an unattractive finish. In Unyq they decided to do the opposite: pieces with a decorative function, that are fun and visually attractive. Some pieces are made of polyamide, very resistant plastic that allows sports and exercise without any problem, and others with ABS, although both share that are the result of 3D printing, which allows to reduce the costs of their production.

The Unyq catalog ranges from covers for legs and arms to corsets, for Scoliosis patients. Currently only the aesthetic part - not the functional part - works, but in the near future they want to cover everything.

More info: http://unyq.com

Adapted from: http://sevillaworld.com/una-estetica-funcional/

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About the author

Manuel Boza, from Spain, is an above-knee amputee who creates 3D printing solutions for people with physical disabilities. Manuel started getting into this technology because he always had a problem with the silicone and PVC cosmetic finishes offered to amputees, and it was his search for a better solution for prosthetic covers that led him to 3D printing.

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