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Young man creates way to transport vaccines

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-02-16 11:52

About the solution

Anurudh created this solution because when he was a child, his grandparents had to carry him nearly 10 miles to get vaccinated, which meant that by the time he arrived to the destination, the treatment had become ineffective because of the lack of refrigeration.

"For many, that trek to be vaccinated is a matter of life and death," he justified.

So his answer for this problem is VAXXWAGON, a vaccine transportation vapor-compression refrigeration system which successfully executing cold chain delivery in the last-leg (2-8°C) without compromising the integrity of the vaccines, ensuring intact and effective vaccinations to those urgently needing it now. It required no electricity or ice.

He was a working prototype which in patented pending, and was already presented by the inventor on Google Science Fair 2015.

"I took a refrigerator apart. I saw how it worked, and tried to re-engineer it so that it used no electricity and no ice to provide accurate refrigeration of vaccines while in transport,” he said.

Anurudh attached the system to a bike, so that the energy from the cycling could power the system. The inventor has tested the system for 200 hours of continuous testing and it works, having cost about $100 to build.

"I am confident that VAXXWAGON will save countless lives by providing safe and effective vaccines globally," the boy expressed.

Adapted from: http://read.bi/1DtsPvF

More info: https://medium.com/@akhemuka/vaxxwagon-a-no-ice-no-electricity-frugal-va...

This solution shall not include mention to the use of drugs, chemicals or biologicals (including food); invasive devices; offensive, commercial or inherently dangerous content. This solution was not medically validated. Proceed with caution! If you have any doubts, please consult with a health professional.

About the author

Anurudh Ganesan, born in India, in 2000, invented a new method to transport vaccines in a more effective and low cost way in developing countries.

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