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Book and tablet support from Arthritis patients

Ana Duarte 于 2016-06-14 17:15 分享

About the solution

The BookBuddy is an elegant book pillow that is specifically designed to eliminate annoyances that impede the joys of reading, such as aching hands, wrists, neck and the strain placed on a persons back and upper arms while holding a book. Able to hold hard and soft cover books, the BookBuddy can double as a lap desk for laptops with a removable, clear acrylic desktop that is great for times when a hard surface is needed.

“This is perfect for any person suffering from arthritis who wants to enjoy a weightless, hands-free reading experience”, she explained. Myrna tried to keep up with the digital world evolution, and she upgraded her innovation by developing Paperback BookBuddy™, Elegant Bookworm™, the eBuddy™ and iBuddy™, with the aim of providing comfort in reading Books (Hard and Soft cover), iPad's, iPad Mini's, Kindle's, Nook's, Android tablets and laptops.

Using the eBuddy and iBuddy tablet holders helps eliminate Sleepy-Hand Syndrome and the strain on wrists and arms resulting from holding up a tablet for extended periods of time.

“Our beautiful pillows are filled with a specially blended poly-fiber that is non-allergic and distributes the weight of the heaviest books and electronic devices. Our products are designed to help absorb the heat, weight and eliminate the strain on your hands, wrists and arms. We create home decor items that lead the industry for handcrafted designs that are beautiful and affordable”, the designer observed.

Adapted from: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/3/prweb9289799.htm

More info: http://amandacrawforddesigns.com/

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Myrna Alpern, from USA, is a designer, owner of Amanda Crawford designs, and daughter of Amanda Crawford. She invented, in 1994, BookBuddy™, a pillow designed to hold and support her mother's books while reading after suffering a debilitating stroke. Motivated by her mother’s need, Myrna developed several solutions to help her to read.

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