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ThirdEye – App to help the blind

Ana Duarte 于 2016-04-15 15:25 分享

About the solution

It all started at a hackathon, during this students’ freshman year, when they created a Google Glass app that recognized objects in front of it.

When they realized they could help the visually impaired, they started working on an app for iOS and Android.

How it works: App users first point their phone cameras to objects and after four or five seconds, the app reads out the name of the object, enabling the visually impaired to listen to what’s in front of them. For example, a visually impaired person can use ThirdEye at grocery stores to name cans or to check how much money the cashier has returned.

The team made the development and testing of the product themselves, then reaching out to visually impaired communities in the Philadelphia area for feedback.

“We didn’t necessarily want to make a product that makes a lot of money, but we wanted to have a huge social impact on the world”, they explained.

The app is free.

More info: http://thirdeyeglass.com/

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/1JY03GH

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Rajat Bhageria, Ben Sandler, and Joe Cappadona are students at University of Pennsylvania who developed ThirdEye, an app to help the blind see. The team was inspired by Joe’s grandfather, who is blind.

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