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Genny™ - a Segway adapted wheelchair

Ana Duarte 于 2015-12-28 18:44 分享

About the solution

How can an individual with a disability move their wheelchair and at the same time use one hand to talk to another person on a mobile phone and with the other hand walk a dog on a leash?
Today thanks to Genny, this is possible. Genny is a high-tech device, which already allows a large number of disabled people to move safely in spaces previously inaccessible to them and moreover with their hands free.

The self-balancing base provides propulsion and balance to the system and with a simple forward or backward movement of the trunk or using the upper part of their body that allows the movement of the machine.

Invented by Paolo Badano in 1995 after a motorcycle accident, it was born from the need to satisfy the primary need for efficiency and autonomy.

When it is raining and while “riding”, Paolo can do plenty of things at the same time: Use his umbrella to shelter from the rain, push the trolley at the supermarket, play beach tennis on the beach and if the ball lands on the ground he runs to get it. Yes he runs! This is because Genny not only breaks down architectural barriers, but also the psychological ones that are part of the world of disability.

Genny is a real means of integration and inclusion because it allows those who use it to regain possession of their living spaces, to do things independently in a different way and able to carry out numerous different tasks.

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Paolo Badano, born in Italy, created Genny™, a four-wheelel wheelchair adapted from the Segway. Paolo had a road accident, and has been living for over twenty years with his wheelchair.

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