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Genny™ - a Segway adapted wheelchair

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-28 18:44

About the solution

Following the accident, over the years, Paolo looked for a way to improve his daily mobility, but without finding anything able to make him break away from the usual schemes.

The inventor’s idea was to make the Segway technology available to the “seated people” (definition often used by Paolo to define motor disability). So Genny™ was born, his first ambitious project, having as primary obligation to ensure the safety of his user.

Thanks to its self-balancing technology, this wheelchair unites the users under the banner of the freedom of movement, erasing the differences.

Genny™’s technology ensures immediate spins on the same axis and to go ahead without operating any control lever, like throttle or brake, as if thinking was enough. The two parallel wheels and many electronic sensors, such as 5 gyroscopes, allow Genny™ to move only shifting part of the bust forward to advance, backward to slow down and brake. Simple handlebars permit the means to spin without a compulsory specific use of the hands, leaving them finally free.

“Genny™’s design wants to shift the interlocutor’s focus from the problem of the reduced mobility to the charm linked to the means used. Together with the autonomy, this new interpretation can be fundamental to the complicated path toward disability integration”, it says on the oficial website.

Adapted from: http://www.gennymobility.com/genny

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About the author

Paolo Badano, born in Italy, created Genny™, a four-wheelel wheelchair adapted from the Segway. Paolo had a road accident, and has been living for over twenty years with his wheelchair.

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