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Cancer patient creates website to help other patients

Ana Duarte 于 2015-12-15 10:32 分享

About the solution

He wanted to help them gain access to mind-body programs such as deep breathing, Tai Chi and yoga, tailored to people like them, as well as nutrition information and tips on feeding patients with no appetite for food.

Cancer Wellness was lanched in September 2015, with the help of mind-body consultant Rami Rones, and includes short videos on a wide range of topics aimed at helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Jeff underwent through a total of five surgeries, 25 rounds of chemo, and 30 radiation sessions.

Sirlin said he never knew how badly he could feel until that second round of treatment. But even at his worst, he wanted to take action — to help in his own recovery.

Mind-body approaches helped him feel like he wasn’t just lying passively waiting for people people to do things to him, said Sirlin, who continues to exercise and practice Tai Chi, Qigong and deep breathing.

There are about 100 videos on the site, all viewable for free — an important part of Sirlin and Rones’ vision for the site. The pair hope to get up a to few hundred or a thousand to give cancer patients, survivors and caregivers a full range of options.
Sirlin and Rones are quick to note that the videos are meant to be an addition to medical care, not a substitute for it. They have focused on approaches that have some research support, and — like relaxation techniques — will cause no harm and offer some benefits for anyone, regardless of cancer status, Sirlin said.

Adapted from: http://usat.ly/1MT6lVT

More info: http://www.cwellness.com/

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Jeff Sirlin, born in 1978, in USA, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He decided to create a website for cancer patients and their families to help them feel more comfortable.

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