Diabetes education online – Service to help managing insulin dependent diabetes

Diabetes education online is a service dedicated to help patients navigate through the complexities of living with and managing insulin dependent diabetes. This service provides blood sugar regulation and advanced self-management training services for children and adults in a one-on-one format.

Daughter creates medical watch for her mother

The CADEX 12 Alarm Watch was invented by Diane Barker as a device to help her mother take her medication correctly. Diane's mother suffered from heart problems most of her life and, because of that, had to take several medications every day. “My mother was repeatedly sick and often anxious because she could not keep up with the timing of her medications. At that time there were no reminder systems available to patients like my mother”, the inventor explained.

OmniPod® - a wireless insulin pump

Diabetic creates all-in-one diabetes case

I-Port™ – Medication delivery device

When facing the daily struggle of trying to effectively manage her condition, and the injection therapy, Catherine knew there had to be a better way. But since she couldn’t find anything on the market, she developed her own device.

"When I first started taking multiple daily insulin injections, I felt like a pin cushion," said Catherine. "I knew there had to be a better way to manage my diabetes without the repeated needle sticks, and I knew that I was not the only person with diabetes who felt this way. So I came up with something better."

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