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Diabetic girl invents backpack to manage diabetes

Ana Duarte 于 2015-11-06 11:19 分享

About the solution

Having diabetes has changed her life, so now Anna has to be mindful of her condition and take blood sugar tests before she eats.

"I have to go to the nurse's office every day before I eat. And if I think I have low blood sugar, I have to go to the nurse in the middle of class and I miss a lot of stuff while I'm in the nurse's office."

Anna said her invention stems from how she felt when she was diagnosed with diabetes.

"I was really scared," she said. "This is for little girls who are first afraid. They might be really scared. If they have this, they might be less scared. And they can pretend their doll has it too."

Anna's idea is that by combining favorite toys such as American Girl dolls and the equipment she must always carry to manage her diabetes, girls will be less afraid of the disease.

Adapted from: http://cour.at/1ynarf8



Anna Bemiss, born in 2005, from USA, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when she was in first grade. She invented the D-girl pack for American Girl dolls, a doll-sized backpack that holds all of the necessary equipment Anna needs daily to manage her disease. She created this backpack when she was nine years old.

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