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MagnaReady® - adaptative clothing for people who struggle with fine motor skills

Patricia Pereira 于 2015-06-01 23:16 分享

About the solution

One day Don came home after a football game and he told Maura that he had been unable to button his own shirt in the locker room and had to have one of his players, Russell Wilson, close the shirt for him.

Maura quickly ordered adaptive shirts online but when they arrived she was disappointed in their technology and style. She realized that she could make a better shirt than was currently offered for sale, and that it would likely have a significant impact on her husband’s self-esteem. It was when Maura had a clear vision of how she could help improve his situation, and a specific way to retain some control in the face of a disease he couldn’t stop. The experienced clothing designer then began prototyping shirts that hid magnets beneath the buttons to allow people who struggle with fine motor skills to dress themselves. After developing a design that was able to easily snap together but appears indistinguishable from standard dress shirts, the MagnaReady® product line was born, as well as Maura's own company.

Adapted from: http://wapo.st/2kQMKkr

More info: http://www.magnaready.com/shop/home.php



Don Horton, born in USA, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, in his 40’s. Don’s wife, Maura, who had a background in children’s clothing design, came up with the idea of MagnaReady® after her husband diagnosis. MagnaReady® is an adaptive clothing for people who struggle with fine motor skills.

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