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App to teach communication

Jorge Cohen 于 2014-04-02 19:35 分享

About the solution

TapSpeak Choice is a flexible, usable, and accessible Augmentative and Assistive Communication app. TapSpeak Choice’s app was designed for children and adults with communication difficulties arising from autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, apraxia of speech, aphasia, stroke, Angleman’s syndrom, Rett’s syndrome. It’s designed for quick and easy editing, uses Pixon® symbols, a proven symbol set for core vocabulary usage.

After searching the market, and realized there were no solutions for his son, Ted Conley formed TapSpeak in 2009.

Ted’s background includes 25 years in corporate IT developing enterprise web applications and managing application projects and teams. By helping his son, he also hopes to help others struggling with the same and/or similar conditions.

Adapted from: http://tapspeak.com/drupal/



Pierce, born in 2007, in USA, has cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairment. His father, Ted Conley, was getting frustrated with being unable to find an appropriate devices to help his son, Pierce, to learn to communicate. So, TapSpeak was born.

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