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Baby helmets turned into works of art

Shared by Marie Esmenio on 2014-03-28 17:24

About the solution

Kathy believed her granddaughter’s helmet was very ugly and asked Paula to paint it. And so she did.

Flat-head syndrome, or Plagiocephaly, is a treatable condition in which the child’s head appears to be flat. Now, thanks to Paula, treating this conditon is very fashionable.
When the doctor saw Paula’s art for the first time, he urged her to promote her work in his office.
Paula now runs Lazardo Art and paints helmets for babies all over the United States. She explains that many people get uncomfortable when they see a baby wearing a helmet and that her art “often, it creates an opportunity to have a conversation and explain what the helmet is for and that it is not a scary situation”.

“I believe in this: i believe a fun and friendly design is an attitude changer for parents, family, friends and anyone who comes in contact with baby. Instead of pitying or worried looks, you will have people saying "oh how cute!" and you can have a simple convo about it. i also have a BLAST painting them!”, the artist explained.

In 12 years Paula has painted more than 2300 helmets.

Adapted from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/25/artist-turns-babies-head-gear-h...
More info: http://lazardo.smugmug.com

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About the author

Paula Strawn, from USA, decided to help her friend Kathy, whose granddaughter wore a corrective helmet due to Flat-head Syndrome.

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