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Glooma- a glove for early detection of breast cancer

Carolina Piedade 于 2021-12-06 14:17 分享

About the solution

When a cousin of Francisco Nogueira detected a lump in her chest, she disregarded it's importance, not talking about it to anyone, and as time went by, she became increasingly worried about it . Four months later, she went to the doctor and, as the tumor was diagnosed malignant, they had to remove the breast, which was a very difficult process. As breast cancer affects thousands of women each year, with just in 2020 around 7,000 new cases being diagnosed in Portugal alone, and 1,800 women losing their lives, Francisco and his bestfriend Frederico Stock saw that there was a need in the market to increase the early screening of this type of cancer.

This is where Glooma came to life, it is a solution that allows the women to do a self- exam to their breasts, by using a glove connected to a mobile application, which through technology analyzes the difference between the pressures of the "healthy" breast tissue and the irregularities that appear in the breast. This application not only records the landscape of the breast (according to its pressure points) but will also remind the woman to do every month her self-examination in which if the device (the glove) detects any anomaly, the app will issue an alert and recommend the user to go to the doctor, as the device does not replace any diagnostic tests (mammography or breast ultrasound), nor consultations with the doctor.

Learn more about them here https://glooma.co/
Follow them on their social networks https://pt.linkedin.com/company/glooma and https://m.facebook.com/glooma.co/
Adapted from https://www.jornaldenegocios.pt/empresas/tecnologias/detalhe/glooma-levo... and https://sicnoticias.pt/especiais/web-summit-/2021-11-03-Glooma-uma-luva-...



After finishing his biomedical engineering course, in March 2020, Francisco Nogueira dedicated himself to developing the glooma technology, and with the help of his best friend, Frederico Stock, they developed Glooma, a glove for at home breast self-examination. They tell that their main goal is " to reach every women." with this invention and help improve cancer prognosis by diagnosing it early.

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