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Man invents mask to cope with sleep apnea

SarahStone 于 2014-01-14 16:28 分享

About the solution

These masks have a tracking agent that keeps the mask liner from slipping during sleep cycle, reducing air leaks and hence air leak noises.
Matt founded his own company - Quietus CPAP Liners, LLC - build this product after struggling with many problems with air leaking from his mask and making noise during the night.

Adapted from: https://silentnighthealth.com



DISCLAIMER: This story was written by someone who is not the author of the solution, therefore please be advised that, although it was written with the utmost respect for the innovation and the innovator, there can be some incorrect statements. If you find any errors please contact the patient Innovation team via info@patient-innovation.com


Matt Kesner, from USA, suffers from sleep apnea and developed Quietus Liners, soft and reusable CPAP cloth mask liners.

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