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Website offers free tools to prevent burnout of people working from home during the pandemic

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2020-12-16 14:19

About the solution

Due to the Covid-19, many people all around the world had to adjust to a new reality of working from home. Working Den was created to help remote workers create a healthier, motivating and sustainable work environment. The website offers a range of free tools to improve health and well-being. To protect eyesight, users can be reminded to look away form the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. There are home workout videos and simple exercises to avoid repetitive strain injuries and encourage workers to stay active. A variety of tools to help prevent stress and anxiety and also techniques to improve productivity and promote a calm focused environment. It also lets users take a Display Screen Assessment that evaluates the home working set up and than offers solutions for the problems identified, helping workers create the ideal home set up.

The creator of Working Den, Daniel Hall, knows first-hand the challenges of remote working, having experienced both physical and mental problems throughout his 8 years of experience working from home. For a year he suffered from depression and started having suicidal thoughts. And having once had perfect vision, after endless hours in front of computer screens, Daniel now wears glasses. “I was in a very bad place, and unless I made changes, I don’t know what would have happened,” he says.

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, Daniel knew that millions of people would face the same challenges and decided to do something to help. He gathered a team of experts in the fields of health and science to create a platform to address the well being and mental health issues connected with remote work. As Daniel explains: ''Working from home has nearly been the death of me. The loneliness of hardly ever seeing anyone, the constant long hours because you are always by a computer and the burn out that followed. Lots of people who have started working from home since Covid will have experienced this and lots more will experience it as time goes on. I want to teach people there is a healthier way of doing things. What we have launched is only the start, we already have more features in development and I'll do everything I can to improve the lives of people who are working from home.'

Adapted from: https://menafn.com/1100696972/Its-been-hard-working-from-home-hasnt-it-W...

More information: https://www.workingden.com/

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About the author

Daniel Hall is a freelancer based in London, UK, who has been working from home for 8 years and, as a consequence, knows first-hand the mental and physical consequences it can cause. During the Covid-19 pandemic, knowing that millions of people where working from home for the first time, Daniel got together a team of experts and launched Working Den – a website to provide tools for remote workers to manage their well-being.

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