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Veterans with Phantom Pain Helped with Neurolumen

Shellyhenry 于 2020-03-05 18:01 分享

About the solution

FDA cleared Neurolumen is now being utilized by Oklahoma VA Centers to help ease the pain of amputees. Phantom pain can be debilitating and keep amputees from living the life they would like.

We had a patient that had an amputation to the hip. He struggled feeling like the amputated leg was heavy. He also described it as feeling like was cramping with shooting pain but there was nothing there.

We treated him for thirty minutes. When stood he was in awe. I was standing in front of him and he said it felt so light like he needed to tell me to move because he didn't want to kick me. He said he didn't feel his thigh and at and he barely felt his calf. He said all pain was completely gone.

What makes this so exciting is these patients suffer so much with just the simple things in life, to give the this type of relief so quickly is truly a blessing.



The creator is Shelly Henry. She invented Neurolumen for her daughter and now it is being used in over 50 VA hospitals across the country.

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