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Polio victim invents special scooter

JoanaSaraiva 于 2019-09-07 10:24 分享

About the solution

Nino Rosenberg suffered from polio (a short word for poliomyelitis), an infectious disease caused by a virus called poliovirus. In some cases, the infection can lead to paralysis and permanent disability, as is the case with Nino.

Due to his disability, Nino used mobility scooters, which tend to be very big. Then, one day, while visiting New York, Nino noticed how a taxi driver passing by made him feel discriminated for his huge mobility scooter. ‘Words cannot describe the feeling of being discriminated because you use a mobility scooter. There are very few cities in the world where a taxi driver will stop to pick up a passenger with a mobility scooter, to say nothing of cafes and restaurants that people avoid because there is simply no room for their vehicle”, explained Nino to The Times of Israel.

Mobility scooters are used both by disabled and the elderly to move around in the city and they are quite commonly seen on the streets. However, they present several obstacles and problems, mostly related to size. For example, they are too big to enter most doorways.

So, Nino came up with a solution: he created the Moving Life Atto Freedom Scooter.

When fully open, the scooter looks like other mobility scooters. However, unlike others, the special scooter can be folded into a compact, mini-suitcase-size box, which allows it to fit into a car trunk. It can also be split into 2 parts, making it possible to storage in small spaces like the overhead compartment of a plane.

It is lighter (25 Kg), easy to move around and more stylish than other scooters on the market.

It solves the doorway entrance problem by being narrow enough to fit into most doors, stairs, small lifts, escalators and narrow passages.

It has a maximum speed of 10 Km/h and can travel 30 Km on one battery charge.

He has since created a company called Moving Life, in order to develop the Moving Life Atto Freedom Scooter.

The scooter is currently available for sale in several countries all over the world, including the U.S., Israel, several European countries and Australia. All the dealers and distributors’ websites are available on the official Moving Life website page.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2m3Tjlk

More info: https://movinglife.com



Nino Rosenberg, from Israel, created the Moving Life Atto Freedom Scooter to help people who, like him, suffer from disabilities and need mobility scooters.

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