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Man invents portable house inspired by his grandad

JoanaSaraiva 于 2019-09-04 13:59 分享

About the solution

Eino Lammi was 92 when he fell off a ladder while cleaning the gutters on his house. Eino strongly disliked that the injuries caused by the event forced him to recover in a nursing home away from his family.

This, however, inspired his grandson, Jesse Lammi, to develop a new solution. He created NextDoor Housing, a new type of housing that allows old patients to recover close to their families. To achieve his goal, Jesse team up with his friend John Louiselle.

"The whole purpose is to keep people out of institutions," said Jesse.

NextDoor Housing comes with a jack-up system that allows the house to be raised and transported through the highway. It can then be lowered and temporarily parked on a driveway or lawn near to where the disabled person’s family live.

The invention consists of a 240-square-foot cottage mounted on wheels. It has a shingled peaked roof and seven windows. There is also a bump-up roof on one end, which accommodates a loft inside. It can also be hauled by most pickup trucks.

The design makes it handicap accessible so that seniors or anyone using a wheelchair has easy access to the house. Once inside, the unit also has several handicap-friendly details, such as extra-wide doors with handles, easy to reach power outlets and a large bathroom with a wheel-in shower stall.

It is also possible to put a second bed on the loft for visitors and assistants.

There are several models available on the official website and order prices range between $40.000 and $60.000.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2ku0Rgz

More info: http://www.nextdoorhousing.com



Jesse Lammi, from Minnesota, USA, invented NextDoor Housing, a portable house especially designed for older and disabled patients who want to stay close to their families while recovering from injuries. He was inspired by his grandad, who was forced to stay in a nursing home, after falling off a ladder.


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