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Cancer patient builds skateboard-like device for IV poles

Ana Duarte 于 2019-08-22 11:29 分享

About the solution

One time, at the hospital, Nick saw a little girl having a difficult time with her IV pole. That’s when he had the idea of building build IV pole “lily pads”. This solution is a skateboard-like device that allows patients to get around the hospital easier. Instead of struggling to walk, a child could ride on the colorful platform. The board can be customised according to the child’s preferences.

Nick planned was to use time in his shop class at Auburn Riverside High School to build one for every child at the hospital. Though he never got the chance to do it, students at Auburn Riverside carried on with the project, called the Lily Pad Project.

Adapted from: https://on.today.com/2Nji20y



Nick Konkler, from the USA, battled cancer since he was four years old and died in 2015. Just before he died, he created an upgrade to the IV drip stand, to help patients who are connected to their IV drip for long periods of time.


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