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White Cane Grocery Cart Holders

NealM 于 2019-07-15 17:08 分享

About the solution

Simple small clips that will allow a white cane blind or visually impaired shopper to push a shopping cart or us it as a guide assisted by a sighted shopper hands free. The cane can clip into the holders on a variety of carts.



Hi my name is Neal Mckenzie and I am an A.T. Specialist who works with blind and low vision students K-12. I had a student who came to me asking if it was possible to create a mobile easy system to attach her cane to a shopping cart when shopping with her family. We came up with 2 simple tactile marked clips that will fit most whit canes and carts that will allow for the white cane to be safely stored. We printed a few pair of these and she immediately used them on the next shopping trip with mom and loved them!

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