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Wheelchair user creates blog to help wheelchair users know about the accessibility of places

Ana Duarte 于 2018-04-11 11:08 分享

About the solution

“There wasn’t really anything out there for people in wheelchairs and with disabilities in general. I created the site to help others and give positive feedback for different destinations. If changes need to be made, then I hope they take what I’m sharing and make those changes”, he explained.

According to Nick, his website already made a difference, as in two occasions his reviews and comments made the owners of different venues change their space so that it would be more accessible to wheelchairs.

“I was talking to one restaurant owner and brought up the fact that the garbage can in the restroom had one of those foot pedals to open it. It’s a seemingly little thing, but it doesn’t work for someone in a wheelchair. They changed it right away”, he shared.

Full Access Travel is focused on Buffalo, New York, but Nick intends to expand it to all USA.

More info: http://fullaccesstravel.blogspot.pt



Nick Heilig, from USA, is a wheelchair user who founded Full Access Travel – a blog about travel, food and entertainment which helps wheelchair users by reviewing venues, events, hotels, restaurants, etc., based on their accessibility. Nick created this blog out of necessity, as there was nothing like this for the wheelchair user community.

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