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Man develops prosthetic arm for his father

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-02-10 15:35

About the solution

Oleg teamed up with fellow engineer Sergei Arefyev to develop an affordable prosthetic arm for his father, in his basement.

The gadget was built using some 3D printed parts, and with others bought online.

"It's like Lego, designed for people who are not at ease with electronics: just put the parts together. If I managed it, then others can do it, too", the inventor explained.

The product, which is not patented, was created with the purpose of being cheaper. According to its designers, it is ten times cheaper than the traditional prosthetics (although it doesn’t have the sensor controls).

"We wanted to create a simple and affordable prosthesis. We did not patent it as it made more sense to spend money on development”, Oleg said.

Oleg’s father likes his new arm, and says that thanks to it, he can do some work around the house.

Adapted from: http://reut.rs/2kcMyXQ

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About the author

Oleg Galtsev, born in Belarus, in 1984, is a software engineer who produced, in 2014, a prosthetic arm for his father Sergei, who lost his right arm in an explosion on a military firing range, about 30 years ago.

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