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Mother invents glove to help her premature child

Ana Duarte 于 2017-01-11 13:53 分享

About the solution

Having a background in both ergonomics and human factors engineering, Yasmile started thinking about ideas to make her son feel her presence when she couldn’t be around. So the mother built a bean-filled gardening glove that she tucked against her son every night.

By using the glove during the day, it acquired her scent, so the device would have the mother’s scent and warmth, making the baby feel better.

After her son was discharged, Yasmine received a call from the hospital nurses, who were asking about the gloves. So the inventor made 100 gloves for the hospital, did more research, and then founded her own company to develop and commercialize the product – Nurtured by Design.

“The Zakys are made to be an extension of the parents by simulating the shape, weight, touch, and scent of the parent's arms that comfort the children when the child cannot be held or when mothers have other obligations and can't hold the child. The ergonomic design helps children be calm, comfortable, well positioned, and most importantly, helps the child feel supported and with a sense of security that the parent is always there. The Zaky are used with preterm and full term babies and older children (and even adults) that experience separation anxiety or have medical issues”, it says on the official website.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2j67m6i

More info: http://nurturedbydesign.com



Yasmile Jackson, from USA, is mother who developed The Zacky, a bead-filled glove that mimics a parent’s touch for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies. The mother went into premature labor due to severe preeclampsia. Her son Zachary, born in 2001, twelve weeks before his due date, and so she had to spent a lot of time with him, but hated to leave him during the night.

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