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Safety gadget for swimmers

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-11-28 17:12

About the solution

The gadget works as underwater airbag, and is worn as a bracet. In case of the user being in trouble in the water, he tugs on the bracelet, and the device inflates and lifts him to the surface in a matter of seconds.

“When you drive a car, you put your seatbelt on. When you ride a bike, you put on a helmet. But how do you protect yourself in the water? No one swims around with a lifejacket on, and that’s when they get in trouble”, he noted.

Kingii costs $79, and can hoist a person weighing as much as 125 kgs, and can keep the user aflote for as long as necessary. It has also a buit-in whistle to help get attention by recuers.

Adapted from: http://nyti.ms/2gA3sOt

More info: http://www.kingii.com

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About the author

Tom Agapiades, from USA, invented Kingii, a wearable safety device for swimmers. Tom developed this device after a friend of his, who was swimming, was stung by a bee, had an allergic reaction and drowned before anyone could reach him, in 2011.

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