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Man invents glove to help stroke patients

Ana Duarte 于 2016-08-02 17:12 分享

About the solution

The innovation - Rapael Smart Glove - consists of a wearable that connects with several software exercises that stimulate the user to recover their hands’ movements in a more fun way.

Rapael Smart Glove helps the user to do things such as to pick up a glass of water ou play with the boy – in real life, or using vídeo simulation.

The system monitors the movements, adjusting the tasks to the user’s neuroplasticity.

The movements capture is made through sensors that collect the hands’ and fists’ movements. Each glove weights 132 grams. The system then uploads that data where users and their physical therapist can see their progress.

While engaging in a game activity, the patients stimulates his neuroplasticity and does is rehabilitation in a more amusing way.

HoYoung Ban finished his MBA and joined forces with his friend Young Choi, who holds a PhD in robotics for post strokes rehab, and together they founded Neofec.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2qaPMlG

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HoYoung Ban, from South Korea, is an engineer who lost his father to a stroke. Inspired by him, he developed a smart glove to stimulate patients to perform daily tasks and speed up the rehab process.

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