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Pillow to help children with anxiety

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-07-17 20:50

About the solution

Senseez are colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped portable vibrating cushions that provide a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming and soothing the body.

They can be used to calm children who suffer from Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or sensory processing disorder.

When she consulted with specialists, Stephanie was told to get a vibrating mat that can help calm children. After the entrepreneur bought the mat, she realized it was cumbersome and needed to be plugged in, making it complicated to bring along on outings.
That’s when she took action and created Senseez. This pillow eases the ‘senses’ because it vibrates when the user sits on it.

Stephanie sewed the prototype in the basement of her home and, a year later, she had her first order of 600 pillows. Now, they are shipped in containers by the thousands, and the product is being sold in seven countries.
“Lots of people come up with ideas, but bringing them to market is another thing,” she said.” You have to know so much about marketing, production, finances, customer service, pitching, packing, shipping and logistics.”

Stephanie won a Stevie Award for female entrepreneur of the year, in 2015. Senseez won 10 awards from various organizations that rate toys, including being named one of Dr. Toy’s 10 best children’s products of 2014, and Creative Child Magazine’s product of the year in 2014.

More info: https://senseez.com

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2ghzb84


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About the author

Stephanie Mitelman, born in Canada, created, in 2012, Senseez – cushions designed to help sooth children with anxiety. She was inspired by her son, who had trouble staying put long enough to have a meal.

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