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Advanced prosthetic arm

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-05-25 13:56

About the solution

He got his new gadget at at BodyHacking Con, a conference in Austin aimed at people interested in DIY alterations to the human body.

The device was inspired by the videogame Metal Gear Solid. James found out about the opportunity to receive the arm from an ad he saw at his regular prosthetist, which called for amputees who were also avid video game players.

The new limb, which attaches at the shoulder with a series of straps across the back, and has bright blue LED lights and a sleek carbon fiber body. According to James, the arm will be able to connect to Wi-Fi, and it has a USB port near the hand so if he's holding his phone it can charge at the same time. There's also a flashlight, a smartwatch built into the wrist and a flying quadcopter drone that attaches at the shoulder and streams images to a pair of goggles while it flies.

James started a fundraising page to get what's called direct skeletal fixation, or a titanium implant fitted directly into his bone. So instead of starting his day by putting on what looks like a bondage outfit, his prosthetic hooks right up to his new titanium bone.

The limb has a production cost of about $85,000.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2ldP6Zy

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About the author

James Young, born in 1990, in UK, lost his left arm and left leg in 2012 after falling under a train in London. James got a prosthetic hand and arm developed by prosthetic sculptor Sophie de Oliveira Barata, in partnership with video game Konami, carbon-fiber race car part maker Global Racing Technologies and robot-hand maker Open Bionics.

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