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Man creates wheelchair tank for his father

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-05-04 18:21

About the solution

Peter decided to create this device because he was starting to finding it hard to push his traditional wheelchair around on rough ground, and he wanted to be able to go with his father to beach and to the countryside.

This special wheelchair is made from many different components.
- Seat from an LDV van complete with seatbelt and armrests;
- 4.5 horsepower Honda engine with two forward gears (it’s capable of speeds of up to 8mph);
- All-terrain caterpillar tracks from a motorized wheelbarrow;
- Welded frame made from scrap and painted blue.
“The brakes work like a tank's brakes, they disengage the tracks causing it to stop. Someone has to operate the machine from the back”, the inventor explained.

The whole customized wheelchair cost about £500 to make after their local community clubbed together to donate materials.

With the help of three friends, Peter took about 30 hours to develop the chair.

“My dad was attacked by tanks during the Second World War - so I thought it would be fitting to create him this. He never got chance to ride them but managed to fight one off with anti-tank missiles. Now this is his chance to have his own little tank. I'd seen motorised wheelbarrows used on building sites and I thought that would make a much better wheelchair for my dad. He absolutely loves his new chair. Since he's had it we've been to the beach a few times and had a great time. He can go anywhere on it now”, Eddie observed.

Adapted from: http://dailym.ai/1N1PylB

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About the author

Peter Shaw, born in UK, in 1955, is a plumber who built a “tank” wheelchair for his father, Eddie Shaw, born in 1919, who fought in World War II and suffers from arthritis.

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