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Wheelchair for extreme sports

Ana Duarte 于 2016-03-14 10:01 分享

About the solution

When his brother couldn’t get cooperation from the manufacturer of his tennis wheelchair regarding adjustments, they decided to do it themselves.

In 1992 after being in the aerospace industry, Mike left his job and they formed their own wheelchair company.

All the wheelchairs are custom made, built and adapted according to the users’ needs and request.

“Success is defined with team work, love, and listening to a person’s concerns and challenges, before overcoming them. Most of all what makes BOX Wheelchairs different from the rest, is the bespoke feel and custom touches exclusive to each and every chair”, it says on the official website.

There are wheelchairs available for all kinds of sports and pavements (sand, half-pipes, etc).

Adapted from: http://www.boxwheelchairs.com/#!our-vision/c5n4

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Mike Box, from USA, creates radically advanced action sports wheelchairs. Mike was inspired by his brother, who had a motorcycle accident when he was 17.

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