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The LaesieCushion - a DIY cushion to prevent pressure wounds

Giesbert Nijhuis 于 2016-01-28 17:48 分享

About the solution

The reason why I designed this cushion, is because I didn’t like any of the cushions that were on the market these days. They gave me red skin easily. My body is almost completely paralyzed, so I don’t move, and I’m quite tall, thus my risk of getting pressure wounds is very high. For some 5 years I tried everything I could think of, you name it and I have considered it. The final design is quite simple to make, not easy but very doable. I have been sitting on it for about 15 years now, which makes me the living proof that it works! Note though that this cushion does need proper attention every day. It is filled with many air bags, and they can loose some air. Also this cushion does need proper support from the chair. If the cushion gets dirty, it can be washed, so no worries there. A final note for now: the cushion is quite high, which may have an effect on your position in the chair.
This cushion is not for sale, not yet. You may not copy my design for comercial use, but you may make one yourself for personal use. More about it on my site:



December 1995, at the age of 26, as a passenger in a small bus… The rented bus was of poor quality, the road was of bad design, the weather was not good, and the driver did not sleep long enough. Since then I am almost completely paralyzed. A high spinal cord injury C3/4. I can only move my head, and have about 1/4 lung power. But I am still alive, today it is 2016. 20 years of survival. I made a website without using my hands, only using head movements, with lots on it: www.laesieworks.com

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