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Glam Sticks™ - hand decorated walking aids

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-01-07 11:09

About the solution

“I went out for a horse ride and had a really nasty accident which left me in a bit of a bad way, I only had a few days in hospital but I ended up with ligament damage to my right knee, I was on crutches and had a splint on my leg for almost a year. I was told by the people who know better at the hospital that it would be ok and they didn’t want to operate on me as I didn’t do the sport for my living it was a pass time hobby, so life went on,
However, over the years the falling over and stumbling got worse, so in 2008 I went to the doctors and the hospital and they decided that they would try to make me better and they would repair my post lacruciate ligament, so in 2009 I went off to hospital thinking my condition would improve, BIG MISTAKE.
I came out of hospital a few days later with my leg strapped up and in a splint and on crutches again. I could hardly move for weeks and it went all downhill from there”, Sharon explained.

She was told by her employer, in 2011, that she couldn’t do the job he employed her for anymore so she was being “medically retired”.

Sharon now hand paints and decorates different walking aids.

“Glamsticks™ are bespoke, Bling designer crutches, individually crafted for your personal use. You can either select directly from the catalogue that you can see online or I can provide a bespoke Bling item exactly to match your own design. Each Glamstick is hand-painted and individually designed and finished to a very high standard for durability”, it says on the official website.

"Glamsticks has been supplying sticks since 2009 and that I have had not just young and old but I have supplied paraolympians, and lira of other famous people
Glamsticks also supports disabled models and therefore I sponsor these ladies to try and help them to feel good about themselves. I don't just do crutches I have also done walking sticks and even a fully encrusted in Swarovski crystal running blade", Sharon told Patient Innovation.

Adapted from: http://glamsticks.co.uk/about-glamsticks/

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About the author

Sharon Farley-Mason, from the UK, was left disabled, in 2009, after an operation and was told she would never work again. She started decorating crutches – Glam Sitcks™.

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