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App to help cancer patients

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-18 11:55

About the solution

The app, available for iOs and Android, allows users to check upcoming appointments, to help remember their primary caregivers and to guide their administration of multitudinous pills. It also allows patients to track other records like when they experience epileptic seizure and to communicate to the physicians without visiting the hospital.

A few days before he passed away, he said in an interview with AFP that the app was "born out of frustration."
"The hospital gave me a printout of appointments, which medicines to take, and when, as well as a diagnosis of how long I had to live... I lost the printout within an hour. These things happen when you've lost a large part of your brain and your short-term memory has gone to pieces," Broek said in an email interview.

The Dutch man was truly devoted to his work not only by designing features and picking colours, but also by volunteering himself as the guinea pig.

The app has four sections. First, an appointment calendar that updates once the hospital confirms. Second, an alarm that reminds patients to take the pill and turns off after. Third, a daily logbook that allows user to note progress or record incidences like seizures of which doctors are able to access once info is updated. And fourth, a feedback section that permits doctors to give immediate instructions based on the logbook.

"Some people go on a world cruise or make a 'bucket list' when they hear they're going to die. The MindApp is my bucket list," Van den Broek said.

More info: http://www.medstartr.com/projects/667-mindapp

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2fZINTL

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About the author

Frederik van den Broek, born in 1974, in Netherlands, was a terminal brain cancer patient when he created MindApp, a mobile app to help cancer patients.

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