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Breast cancer survivor creates device to ease pain

Ana Duarte 于 2015-12-15 15:15 分享

About the solution

She underwent a lumpectomy, a round of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments.

Tracy’s treatments not only caused hair loss but sensitivity throughout her body, especially her breasts.

“I would put a seatbelt on, and it would rub the area of radiation, and it was very uncomfortable, uncomfortable enough to where you’d just want to unlock your seat belt,” Shelton said.

She discovered other patients experienced the same, so Shelton decided to create a padded seat belt cover to ease the pain.

So Tracy just started cutting fleece, and what she ended up creating were these just Velcro covers to attach around the seatbelt. “They can protect the area of the chest.”

On a follow-up visit with her doctor, Shelton donated seat belt covers to other cancer patients at the hospital.

“I was really impressed with the idea“ Dr Lee, her oncologist said. “Coming up with this wonderful idea and devoting time and energy to make it better for other people, I think is very wonderful.”

Adapted from: http://www.annettelawless.com/?p=3251

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Tracy Shelton, born in 1963, in USA, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She created a device to ease cancer patients's pain – A padded seat belt cover to ease the pain.

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