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Cancer With Humor

Marine Antunes 于 2015-10-05 17:04 分享

About the solution

It was with this love for communication, humor and, above all, for life, I created my own project and the formula Cancer with humor. The mission? To demystify the disease and present an inspiring, positive testimony, with humor, where cancer patients can identify with the story and feel more confident and less scared. The witness, seeks to help caregivers, survivors and health professionals, not only through humor and truth of speech, but also through art. I began to introduce a new way of looking at cancer, promoting not only the demystification of it as the fight against prejudice - patients must be valued as citizens capable. And yet, through writing, I'm following and making company to patients, especially those who are hospitalized. Creative writing and initiatives are also a way to animate and color the lives of those who are sick. This is the maximum: having cancer is not to be cancer. I began to share my vision and history in a blog but, quickly, with the resounding feedback from patients and the media, I was being invited regularly to give humorous and motivational lectures across the country in hospitals, universities, associations, events, galas (presented the lecture, for example, CCB, with Clara de Sousa show). I launched the book Cancro com Humor, founded an association (2013-2014) where I did various activities for cancer patients as the launch of the play "Of Cancer, is as it is?", Presented to the hospitalized children, the Bald Power Gala, among other activities. I launched the Bald Movement Power, where I share in my platforms several inspiring testimonies of other patients who come to me every day and Comics Cancer With Humor (with the illustrator Cristiana Costa), which was exposed in Porto and Lisbon (the comic portrays situations experienced by cancer patients). I participated in the Great Reporting SIC -Map Cancer in Health Marathon RTP, the TED (x) Fair and Viseu, and was one of the ambassadors of the campaign Cancer Without Taboos of the Portuguese League Against Cancer. I am still a partner of UCIF, Intensive Care Unit of Happiness.
In 2013 Young was considered Motivational and won the prize of Extraordinary Women Zilian.

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My name is Marine Antunes, I'm 25 years old and, at 13, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I realized immediately, be becoming a cancer patient, I had to deal with a new world but having a good mood and being happy from birth, I always refused to live this phase of my life with pessimism and sadness. After using humor as a weapon to help me overcome the disease, I ended up graduating in Social Communication and working on a comedy company, also as a comedian. I learned that humor facilitates communication and transmission of our message.

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