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Son creates Foldawheel, a portable, foldable and lightweight wheelchair to help his father gain autonomy

Gemma Tria 于 2023-03-16 18:04 分享

About the solution

This is the story of Peter Cheung (C.Y), and his father, who became a wheelchair user after suffering several strokes. Ever since his father's 3rd stroke, back in 2011, Peter Cheung realized that at that time the wheelchairs available in the market were either too heavy, too expensive or bulky. On top of that, Cheung has back problems due to genetic issues, so he couldn't really continue using the the manual wheelchair they used at first. He then noticed he needed to create a new kind of power chair, one that wasn't heavy and that could allow his father to move around easily. Also he contemplated the importance of being a foldable chair, so he could carry it in and out of the car and also check-in as luggage to travel by plane.

After testing many prototypes for over a year, the inventor gave his father the lightest wheelchair in the world back in 2012. The name of this new chair was Foldawheel. When his father started using it, "He became more outgoing, and to my surprise, many people stopped him while he was driving the Foldawheel. They wanted to know where to buy a unit like that. My father told them "If you leave me your contact details, I will make sure you get one". This is how the idea of the wheelchair was then expanded to other wheelchair users so they could enjoy their freedom just like Peter Cheung's father.

Through the feedback of their initial users, the Foldawheel kept on improving day by day. In 2013 C.Y created his own company, Wheelchair88, based in Malaysia. At that time the company began commercializing the foldable electric wheelchair under the brand name Foldawheel. Wheelchair88, though, didn't want to stop with the Foldawheel, but instead expand its product line and become a well-known manufacturer of innovative mobility solutions, including lightweight wheelchairs and electric scooters. Since then they are focused on supplying unique rehab products and wheelchairs for users with different purposes and disabilities. The company started to operate almost ten years ago and since then they had customers all over the world. Currently, Foldawheel is the daily mobility aid for more than 10K users worldwide, for some considered a better choice than a mobility scooter.

Adapted from: https://wheelchair88.com




Born in Singapore in 1968, Peter Cheung has been since young obsessed with creative products, especially those that help to improve people's quality of life. Over the years of having different businesses, he couldn’t gain much sense of satisfaction until he started with Wheelchair88 to change people’s lives positively. The last stroke of his father and the genetic issues that affect his own back (early cartilage degeneration), supposed a turning point for him that made him bring to the market the lightest powered wheelchair ever existed.

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