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Susana and Joe, parents of Caui, created the platform "Vencer o Autismo" in order to reduce the negative stigma associated with autism.

Shared by Joana Afonso PI on 2023-03-10 15:07

About the solution

At Vencer Autismo Platform, they constantly assess the impact of their efforts so that they can reduce the negative stigma of autism and to provide training for those who live with someone with autism, enabling them to use tools that will bring about significant improvement in their lives and the lives of those they care for. Composed of lectures, workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring, this program has already had a positive impact on thousands of families and professionals, helping both caregivers (such as parents, family members, and professionals) and people with autism to improve their quality of life, to better understand autism, and to be understood.

With their solution, the greatest mission is understanding that what is wrong with autism is not who has it, but the great negative stigma that parents, caregivers, educators and society as a whole have in relation to autism. They are devoted to provide knowledge and resources necessary for everyone to comprehend and accept autism, and to modify whatever needs to be changed in order to integrate all individuals with autism into a more understanding, inclusive, and accommodating world.

Story adapted from: https://vencerautismo.org/a-nossa-historia/
Learn more about this innovation at: https://vencerautismo.org/
And follow them at their socials: https://www.facebook.com/associacaovencerautismo/


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About the author

Vencer Autismo was founded out of the love story between Susana and Joe. When their daughter Caui was eight years old, she was diagnosed with autism, which made it difficult for her to keep up with school and led many people to doubt her future development. Susana and Joe decided to dedicate most of their time to understanding Caui's autism and finding tools to help her. After many hours of work with Caui, they saw progress, and they were so encouraged by the results that they felt the need to share what they had learned with everyone. This is how Vencer Autismo was born.

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