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Hearing aid minder

Marie Esmenio 于 2014-05-06 17:53 分享

About the solution

To deal with the last one she uses a hearing aid. However, because she wipes her nose with kleenex, the hearing aid gets lost and ends up in the trash. Her family is not able to watch her closely enough to prevent this from happening. 

The SolutionMagnetic ink 3D printed is in each hearing aid, and has a scanner to detect the magnetic ink. This would allow someone to use the scanner to find out the hearing aid when misplaced or even to detect it when is in the trash. The magnetic ink should be added in the hearing device in such a way that it would not interfere with electronics. Also, the magnetic ink could have a barcode or some information like: name, address of the person, model & serial number of the aid and info about appropriate battery.



John Browning's mother-in-law suffers from vascular dementia and has significant hearing loss. He created a 3D printing device to help keep track of her hearing device, so it won't end up lost.

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