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Son develops a smart chair for his mum who has no limb mobility

Shared by sara.di.fabio@p... on 2020-05-13 08:58

About the solution

Cao Nguyễn Hùng’s mum had her legs broke in an accident and is forced to sit in one place. Hùng and his school colleague, Nguyễn Đình Nhật Tân, invented a smart chair for disabled people to help Hung’s mum and those without limb mobility like her to eat, take medicine and send alerts.

“I studied, designed and programmed the product with the help of my friend Nguyễn Đình Nhật Tân,” said Hung.
“The product made the care and monitoring of patients simpler,” said Hung. “Even remote carers can interact with their patients through the internet.”

The device named I.o.T., is composed of two basic systems. The first includes a bed frame, lifting and moving motors, cleaning mode, and eating table with lifting and rotating parts, and a robot arm. The second system is the control circuit including a computer and manual network control mode, heart rate sensor button and camera.

I.o.T. is very simple and the user can control it manually or by the control panel via the internet. Those who can use their hands can use the control panel to move, eat and take the medicines, and they can measure their blood pressure themselves. Those who do not have the limb mobility, family members can access a webpage to control the chair and feed or give water or medicine to the patient. The internet connection allows patients to also exchange alerts and warning with family members via email.

"A special feature of the I.o.T bed is that it’s designed to be intergrated with an ecting table, water bottle and medicine box so that it makes patients comfortable,” said Tân. "Besides, we also integreated an infrared sensor to keep the table, faucet head and funnel to the pre-set distance to avoid causing danger to the patient."

I.o.T won the first prize in the province-level Science and Technology Contest for High School Students in 2018-19 in the field of robots and smart computers. Moreover they were selected to attend the National Science and Technology Contest in 2019.

The two students are studying the possibility of adding more functions such as massage pads and voice control to the smart chair.

Adapted from: https://vietnamnews.vn/society/505731/high-school-students-design-smart-...

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About the author

Cao Nguyễn Hùng and Nguyễn Đình Nhật Tân, 12th-grade students of Hoa Lư A High School in Vietnam, developed a smart chair to ease every day activities for people with disabilities. The idea for the chair came from Hùng’s mum who has no limb mobility since a car accident.

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