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Women sew face masks at home to help in the shortage of protective equipment

Shared by Sara Di Fabio on 2020-04-02 10:21

About the solution

Czech women joined forces via social media to sew face masks at home to help combat the spread of Covid19.

The Facebook group “Czechia sews face masks” went viral after its launch on Sunday 15th March 2020, reaching 24,000 members in two days.

"There's a shortage (of masks), you read about that everywhere, and you can see that many people have joined on social networks and make masks at home," said Alena Vanova, a town hall clerk in the small town of Revnice located southwest of Prague. Alena Vanova started to make face masks at home with her daughters to equip her family and colleagues but also pensioners.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/641038750030418/

Adapted from: https://news.yahoo.com/stitch-time-czechs-sew-combat-virus-mask-shortage...

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About the author

Czech women formed a group on social media to start sewing face masks to cope with the shortage during the Covid19 pandemic.

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