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Blind man creates nonprofit to help disabled people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-10-10 10:20

About the solution

Dave lost his sight due to retinitis pigmentosa. That inspired to re-educate himself.

“My name is Dave Kelly; you could say I am a blind man with a vision. This vision being the inclusion of all disabled people to reach their true potential and this is to be done by breaking down the barriers within society. Through this approach my aim is to support our disabled community through the transition from inactivity to activity, school leaving age to adulthood, education to meaningful employment and beyond. Through the mediums of Sport, Education and Employment, we support our community in achieving what mainstream society typically assumes impossible for someone with a disability”, he explained.

The idea for Daisy Inclusive UK came when Dave was looking for sporting activities we could participate in. “It was after trying to find more sporting activities for myself to participate in that I became the Actionnaires Liverpool Sports Coordinator. This was run by Action For Blind People and working with them I realised there was a great need for someone to try and help break down the barriers of disability, disability stereotypes and raise awareness. I thought disability and visual awareness through sport would be a great medium to promote this and therefore DAISY UK was born”, the founder described.

Daisy UK started out as a volunteer organisation and then became a nonprofit organisation. Since then, the company has received three awards: the Radio City and Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Community Project of the year award, the Celebration of success award and the third one was an inspiration award by Crosby training and job centre plus.

Adapted from: http://daisyuk.co.uk/background/

More info: http://daisyuk.co.uk/

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About the author

Dave Kelly, from the UK, lost his sight when he was 30 years old. He founded Daisy Inclusive UK, a nonprofit that aims to help disabled people to fulfil their true potential and grasp opportunities, through sports, education and employment.

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