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Man who had a concussion creates computer interface to get brain data

Ana Duarte 于 2018-04-23 15:49 分享

About the solution

After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013, Conor and his co-founders created their own company.

“OpenBCI is a low-cost, programmable, open-source EEG platform that gives anybody with a computer access to their brainwaves. Our vision is to realize the potential of the open-source movement to accelerate innovation in brain science through collaborative hardware and software development. Behind the many lines of code and circuit diagrams, OpenBCI has a growing community of scientists, engineers, designers, makers, and a whole bunch of other people who are interested in furthering our understanding of the brain”, it says on the crowdfuning campaign page.

OpenBIC not only helps patients get their own data, it is also a very useful tool for learning.

“A huge proportion of our customers are students, graduate-level researchers and professors who want to use OpenBCI as a learning tool,” Conor explained.
The package comes with OpenBCI’s “signal capture system” (headset with circuit board) and electrode starter kits, and it costs $300.

More info: http://openbci.com

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2qYBQtt



Conor Russomanno, from the USA, is an engineer and entrepreneur who developed OpenBCI, a low-cost, open-source hardware platform that records the brain’s electrical signals and uses devices and software languages to make the data easily accessible. Conor became interested in studying the brain after he suffered a concussion and by seeing his grandmother struggling with a brain disease as well as family members dealing with addiction.

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