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LifeBank - an interactive storage of medical details on a fully encrypted USB

LifeBank 于 2018-04-22 03:00 分享

About the solution

2 years ago my wife was diagnosed with multiple cancers and then started various treatments, including chemotherapy. The oncologist wanted to know how my wife was "travelling" between treatments - temperature, reaction to the treatment, etc. I prepared a simple Excel spreadsheet as a daily running sheet recording the sort of things the oncologist wanted to know about and added 3 columns to it - (i) the good, (ii) the bad things which had happened between treatments and a third column of questions. We took the spreadsheet along to the oncologist who described the idea as "brilliant" - she retained a copy for herself - and on 3 occasions the oncologist was able to adjust the treatment because, as she said, she had a full and complete "picture" of how the patient was going with her / his treatment.

LIfeBank (also variously available as HealthBank and myHealth-myLife) is software recording, and storing, everything about the end user - especially all their medically-related details. Reports, x-rays, etc. and all relevant critical information medically-related information (medication, previous medical procedures, etc) about the user can be stored on the fully encrypted (off the cloud) small USB which the user can attach to their key ring and have available for immediate access 24/7. Each Form can be printed out and /or emailed to a hospital / clinician. With the collection, protection and connectivity through using LifeBank (or HealthBank or myHealth-myLife) the patient can more readily interact with a hospital or clinician - especially as it is the fact that hospital systems do not inter-connect whether it be hospital to hospital or even within a hospital complex) and in the case of an emergency materially assist in medical treatment being applied readily and speedily given that a hospital or clinician knows all medically-related details about the patient.

From what I learned from the above and talking with hospitals and clinicians in various countries, LifeBank now has a host of forms - for application in the cancer, child, aged, mental and home care - which allow for complete interaction with a health provider, whether that be a hospital ,clinician or government department.



I am a recently retired barrister from Australia, born in 1943, who recognised the failings of the medical system in that everything was geared from the hospital or clinician's perspective but not from that of the patient - who was not able to readily and easily interact with the hospital or clinician.

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