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Patient with Arthritis creates walking device

Shared by Merle Schlottmann on 2017-04-03 15:52

About the solution

Philipp Heist, a German inventor, could hardly leave his house, due to his progressive osteoarthritis. A wheelchair was no option and so he developed the “Gehrad”, a walking aid to become more mobile and autonomous again.

The construction looks similar to a pedal-scooter, upgraded with a basket and a saddle. After a first prototype and many computer designs, he built a second prototype. The inventor used an old folding bike, removed the pedals and lowered the entrance. He set highest priority to the suitability for daily use. The construction measured less than one meter in length and stands without props

“I thought, a wheel chair would be a downgrading. And this definitely is an upgrading”, describes the 70-year-old man. As he had been an inventor ever since, he thought about a solution to the increasing restriction of his mobility. Inspired by children on their impellers, he came up with his idea. “I saw the kids on their impellers and I knew: this is it”, he explains.

“If I did not have my walking bike, I would be very restricted within my daily activities”, says Philipp.

People are really interested in his innovation. “People come and talk to me about the Gehmobil all the time and they think it is great”, he states.

That is why he enhanced the first product he built for himself and now produces a pilot production. “I am sure that my Gehrad will be a significant innovation among walking aids”, he adds.

He created his own website to promote his innovation.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2nYwT3t

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About the author

Philipp Heist, born in Germany in 1947, is a pensioner and developed the Gehrad – a walking aid to retrieve the flexibility and mobility he lost due to Arthrosis and Rheumatism.

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