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Aurora - an Amputee Crutch Adapter

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-01-04 11:05

About the solution

“We developed this technology for my late fiancee, who was a single hip disarticulation leg amputee. As with many others, prosthetics simply aren't a practical option for her, and in view of the fact that she could hop as easily as any of us can walk and run circles around anyone with two legs on her forearm crutches and in a 4 inch heel, completely unnecessary as well, as all her prosthetic does is slow her down and hurt. Alternately though, she wanted something where she could stand comfortably and work for hours on end with her hands free, and which would allow her to walk and carry things as well. This was the solution we came up with. It far exceeded any of our expectations in terms of both comfort and stability and what she could do with it as well. We don't expect to make a lot of money on this project as the market is so limited, but the technology simply worked too well not to make it available to people. The system can be adapted to anyone with a hip disarticulation or high to mid length above knee amputation, which are precisely the people for whom prosthetics present difficulties and it offers a compact, practical and very cost effective solution in freeing up the hands for both working and recreation”, David said.

Adapted from: http://fp1.antelecom.net/bromac/index.html

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About the author

David K. Brown, born in USA, developed the Aurora Amputee Crutch Adapter, a hands free crutch technology for high leg amputees, inspired by his fiancee.

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